APRA Canada members

We are pleased to announce the publication of Privacy 101: A Guide to Privacy Legislation for Fundraising Professionals.

This document is the result of the combined efforts of a group of individuals from the not-for-profit sector, who initially came together in March of 2002, to address the proposed Ontario Privacy Legislation.

Since that time, the group, representing a wide range of fundraising organizations and institutions - many with national scope - has worked to arrive at a document that would be suitable for use by all Ontario-based fundraising organizations.

Earlier this year, when it became apparent that the Ontario privacy legislation was not to be, the group switched its focus to PIPEDA, the federal act. The last stage of this act, which comes into force on January 1, 2004, has implications for the fundraising sector.

When you make reference please keep in mind that it is only intended to assist fundraisers in their efforts to deal with PIPEDA.

Pat Hetherington,
Past-President, APRA-Canada

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