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We encourage all Apra Canada members regardless of their career level to participate in our Mentorship Program.
If you are looking to learn from someone as a mentee, or you want to share knowledge and grow your career by being a mentor, please apply using the appropriate form below.

Key Benefits of Mentoring

  • A cornerstone of professional development, whether you’re a mentee or mentor
  • Get to meet new people and form strong bonds with your peers
  • A mutually beneficial relationship where participants can brainstorm with one another, share knowledge and ideas, problem-solve, and celebrate successes

Application Overview and Forms

Mentor Application Form

Mentee Application Form

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. All applicants must be willing to make a one-year commitment to participate in this program. Applicants will be contacted once a suitable match has been found; please bear in mind matches are dependent on the availability of a suitable mentee/mentor.

As Apra Canada is a countrywide chapter, matches will be made based on the individual's area of expertise and the amount of time they indicate they would like to be in contact with their partner. We will not factor geographical proximity into matches. If you prefer to be matched with an individual within your geographical location, please indicate this on your application.

Program Overview and Objectives

The program is designed to connect newer or developing members of the research profession with an experienced peer in the industry. We do our best to create matches based on similarities or needs identified by the mentee to provide the best experience for both participants.

The key objective of the mentoring relationship is to provide a space for mentees to ask specific questions to enhance their industry knowledge and career development, and for the mentor to provide the mentee with advice and information specific to their career, prospect development and research, and fundraising in general. The relationship is meant to be career-specific and is not to be used or construed in any way as a consulting relationship. We recommend both partners advise their employer if they intend to participate in this program.


Apra Canada Membership – both participants must be members of the Apra Canada chapter

Time Commitments – 1 year commitment minimum; we encourage matches to meet at least once a month for 30 minutes or more. Meetings can take place over the phone, virtually, or in-person.

Travel – not necessary unless both participants live in the same area and want to meet in-person. Please note any travel- or meeting-related expenses will not be paid by Apra Canada.

Communication with Apra Canada – at any time during your participation in this program, the Director of Mentorship may contact you for feedback on the program. This will help Apra Canada enhance our offerings for program participants, and your feedback will be greatly appreciated.


If you have any questions about this program or would like to become a mentor or mentee, please contact Elanna Giang, Apra Canada's Director of Mentoring, for more information.

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