Meet the Author: Anne Connelly and Jason Shim

Thu, April 22, 2021
1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT


Apra Canada welcomes experts in the field Anne and Jason to discuss the topic of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies within the context of fundraising. The event will start with a presentation to be followed by a discussion and Q&A.

Anne Connelly is passionate about harnessing blockchain and decentralized technology to transform the lives of people in emerging economies.

Anne is Faculty at Singularity University and SU Canada, teaching global leaders how exponential technologies can solve problems that impact over a billion people. She has been an active part of the global blockchain community since 2012.

Jason Shim leads technology and innovation as Director of Digital Strategy and Transformation at Pathways to Education Canada, where in 2013 he led Pathways to be the first charity to issue tax receipts for Bitcoin donations. With experience spanning the nonprofit and academic sectors both as an employee and a consultant, Jason has consistently helped organizations stay ahead of the technology curve.

This event is free to attend. All Apra Canada members in attendance will receive a copy of Anne and Jason's book Bitcoin and the Future of Fundraising. Please ensure that email your mailing address to when you register for the event.