Join former Prospect Researcher and Apra Canada volunteer, Janice Cunning and her business partner David Langiulli to learn about how to create accountability in your team.

Do you feel like you spend too much time following up with your team or colleagues? Are you struggling to get the information you need to move forward on your projects? If yes, your team is missing an effective accountability structure. This 1-hour session will offer practical tools and techniques to create that structure.

First, you will learn the key questions you need to ask your direct reports, colleagues and senior leaders to create clarity around accountability. Then you will explore why holding accountability without judgment is crucial. Finally, you will practice using powerful questions that allow others to learn from their actions and increase their awareness, self-knowledge, capacity, and resilience.

Holding accountability is an essential skill that saves time, reduces conflict, empowers others, and helps people grow.


Please note, you will need access to a web cam and a microphone to participate. 

Participation is limited to 50 people. 

June 12th, 2019 1:00 PM through  2:00 PM